Just Bones is a project about developing a strong, natural biomaterial entirely made from animal bones. The bones are turned into ash and glue and mixed back together resulting in a material similar in strength to MDF material after it has dried. 
        The material is liquid when mixed and can therefore be molded into any shape. You can also work with the material after it has hardened; drill, saw, laser cut, etc.                                  Various colours can be achieved depending on different heating methods in the process of pulverizing the bones.      
        This material could be used for different purposes, for example it can be used to make single use tableware and cutlery, packaging and even furniture. 
        Since I live on an island like Iceland I find it important to be aware of materials and explore them from different perspectives and find new opportunities for utilization. The aim of this project is not to make more demand for animal products, rather to use what is already there to reduce waste and experiment with materials to discover their full potential. Just Bones is an example of how various opportunities are hidden in our immediate environment. By exploring familiar materials from different perspectives, new opportunities for utilization can be found.
Just Bones           
By: Valdís Steinarsdóttir
Course: BA Graduation Project, Spring 2017
Tutor: Garðar Eyjólfsson, Thomas Pausz
Published: Dezeen, Frame, Shortlisted for Dezeen awards, Winner of Formex Nova 2020

Reykjavík, Iceland