The lupine is a Legume, it was imported to Iceland from Alaska around 1945 and has been successful in reclamation of sterile soil. It is today categorized as an invasive species. Like other plants the lupine wilt in the autumn. By then it has gathered its nutritional reserve into the roots. 
        Ultimately the material research conclusion was a promising fibreboard from the root of the lupine plant. The only ingredients were lupine roots and water. It implicated an extraordinary cohesion ability, processed by a specific method, resulting with a strong fibre material.
        The project got a grant from The Icelandic Student Innovation Fund in the summer of 2017. Presidents Innovation Award 2018. A grant from Technology Development Fund 2020 to do a two-year research project with Matís.
Lupine Project          
By: Inga Kristín Guðlaugsdóttir
Continuing in teamwork with Elín Sigríður Harðardóttir from 2017
Course: Methodology, Autumn 2016
Tutor: Garðar Eyjólfsson, Thomas Pausz
Published: Dezeen, Landinn on minute 17:35, HA Design Magazine, RÚV on minute 37, Why Materials Matter

Image Credit: Dilesh Solanki

Reykjavík, Iceland