It is estimated that each Icelander consumes about 50 kg of sugar per year, even though it is clear to most that sugar has negative effects on health. Could this large amount of sugar be used for something else; can sugar be more roles than just a food item? Could sugar be the solution and not the problem?

Icelanders take pleasure in buying furniture according to the latest trends, and old (and not so old) furniture is constantly being replaced by newer and more fashionable items. Consequently, the disposal of furniture has increased tremendously in recent decades and lifespan of products has been shortened. The obvious solution to this problem is to design furniture and products that can be consumed after use!

Why then not give sugar a greater purpose, utilise it for furniture making? The good thing about edible products is that instead of throwing them away when they are no longer fashionable, you can eat them, no waste!This project explores the possibilities of sugar and its by-products in furniture and product manufacturing. 
Make Your Life Sweeter           
By: Rakel Svavarsdóttir
Course: Science & Culture, Fall 2023
Tutors: Elín Margot, Lee Lorenzo Lynch, Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson

Reykjavík, Iceland