Soil erosion in Iceland that is caused by humans is a concerning problem and has been for many centuries.

Iceland is one of the biggest deserts in Europe and our lack of acknowledgement of that gets truly recognized in the way we glorify our malnourished landscape.

The soil plays a big role in the cycle of the ecosystem, but it is disappearing. Soil erosion destroys and washes away the healthy soil and leaves only the malnourished lifeless land behind.

            This installation points out the faults in Iceland's attempt to restore its ecosystem. I wanted to highlight Iceland's fragile and dying soil to the utmost clearest picture and show how we praise and romanticize the characteristics of a land that is vanishing since the Icelandic highlands is our own Sahara.

Soil Erosion in Iceland           
By: Marsibil Sól Þórarinsdóttir Blöndal
Course: Testing Ground, Autumn 2019
Tutors: Björn Steinar Blumenstein

Reykjavík, Iceland