The world is full of designs centered around misuse and abuse. We’ve all seen some form of a fancy anti-theft bike lock. Sometimes referred to as abuser centered designs.

I wanted to research design that could eradicate or diminish abusers. Design that prevents the thought process of stealing a bike. Design that enables desistance. In criminology, desistance is generally defined as the cessation of offending or other antisocial behavior.

Pompompom is a set of machines to process hallucinogenic mushrooms for therapeutic use. Consisting of a dryer, grinder and a capsule filler. 

Made to specifically process Psilocybin Semilanceata, known as Trjónupeðla (Liberty Cap) in Iceland. The mushrooms grow wild and are available for foraging only during a short 2-3 weeks period in the arctic climate of Iceland.

The Pom Pom Pom Project           
By: Logi Pedro
Course: Testing Ground, Autumn 2020
Tutors: Björn Steinar Blumenstein

Reykjavík, Iceland